Day 5


You ever set out to do something insane, and realize half-way through exactly how insane it is? I couldn’t post last night because I didn’t want to touch another key.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.10.33 PM.png

I have a Yeti microphone and Dragon set up on my laptop… I may see what I can do with that today. About a year ago, I was working with it and had gotten pretty good at saying my punctuation (period) But (comma) it’s been a while and will take some getting used to again (period) (new paragraph)

I took some time to sit by the beach this morning and watch the sun come up and read more of the Robert Crais book I’m working my way through.


Now, I’m ready to knock myself out again. Bring it on. Oh, and I was right about appreciating the very detailed outline – I’m definitely going to do that in the future when I have more than a few days to write.


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